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¬†We apologize for not keeping current with our blog in the Fall of 2010. Unfortunately, we had some devastated news that Nora had inoperable terminal lung cancer. We have been engaged in a battle to prolong her life since , a battle I am sorry to say, we will not be able to win.
  As has been our theme throughout life , we endeavor to promote life. This book, and the attention given to it , has evolved out of our sincere hopes that our children, as well as those who read it, will strive to make this world we live in a more hospitable place to reside. We firmly believe that utilizing the companion planting process is by far the most natural compliment to growing food that nature intended.
  Using heirloom seeds, as they were intended, insures the integrity of the species, as well as maintaining the availability that God has given man , not some corporate megalomaniacs , that want to dominate man to his own injury.
  This text is for those who want a concise form on information, without having to pour over volumes of websites, and text books. We have already done this. We have successfully applied the information, and are more than satisfied with the results, we hope you are too.

 In a world that increasingly will demand that we strive to help each other , this is our gift to you, we hope that you will derive some benefit from it. May God Bless , and keep you safe.

Raul & Nora Rodriguez


Victory Garden News and Tips: The Tomatoe Ark has survived the " Deluge of Nashville "

Find all you need to build a successful organic garden , with companion planting. Canning charts for harvest, as well as compost guide.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Tomatoe Ark has survived the " Deluge of Nashville "

 It has been a wild and crazy ride for the last 4 days, fortunately we are all safe. We sustained minimal damage, and the tomatoe plants we have been growing are now qualified for the summer olympic swimming contests.

  The ground hasn't dried out enough yet to get to some of plants. Stepped into it late Sunday and went up to my sheens in mud, good news is I tilled it up pretty deep. Under the circumstances we've been set back a little on our schedule, however  we are delighted to have what we have left. We have friends that are in a whole lot worse shape.                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                              Nashville is not going to be the same for some time to come. It is our sincere hope that this catastrophe doesn't turn into another Katrina. It would be nice to hear from the Fed's that the calvery really is coming, and not some lip service like our brothers to the south got. 

  We have transplanted some of our plants into 1 gallon containers since they have out grown the previous pots.  

           The majority of plants are now extremely tall, and with 13 inches of rain , they are good for a few days without water, maybe even like us ; a third of a year , according to statistics.

 Due to the events of this past weekend, we are going to a lttle less consistant in our posting for a few days, so please bare with us. We had this Blog all planned out , the posting were going to be almost daily by now. We were going to have pictures of  plants in various pose's , and instead we are now doing the sequel to " A River Runs Through It ".  To sum it all up for those who are really frustrated   " If you want God to Laugh ; tell him your Plans!". Hopefully this will get you through the day.

Aqua derchi                                                                                                                       



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